Pilgrimage To India ! Last Call :)


‘Pilgrimage to India’ is an experience offered to you in the spirit of gift by ServiceSpace volunteers. The idea is to facilitate a space for us to go deeper in ourselves, explore new ideas and paradigms in community, and meet inspiring people and projects which might ignite and support our journeys of service to humanity and the Planet.


A pilgrimage is an opportunity to go deeper in oneself, while connecting with community and traveling on the outside. It’s a chance to lose yourself and find room for serendipity.

This pilgrimage also has a service nature to it, so the invitation is to travel with an intention to serve and welcome opportunities of service and generosity that will come our way.

And of course: ‘without joy there is no service.’ Be sure we will have lot’s of fun in this journey of learning and un-learning together!


On this journey to India we will meet some remarkable people, noble friends doing labor-of-love in the world, offering service with their head, heart and hands in beautiful and unique ways.

The lives of Mahatma Gandhi or Sri Aurobindo will also resonate through the journey, as we’ll have the chance to see many of the fruits of their lives in today’s world.

*Click pictures to access links and know more about some of our noble friends we will visit :).








We will also visit spaces with a soul of their own. These spaces have the spiritual imprint of many who have cultivated their hearts there for generations. Such spaces talk for themselves, and offer us glimpses of the potential compassion that every human heart holds.

*Click pictures to access links and know more about some of the spaces / projects we will visit :).








In essence for everyone! Anyone who comes can feel self-invited :). Also, some of these intentions might help you understand your resonance with the journey. Consider these before applying:

  • Facilitate or be part of a labor-of-love project in your daily life.
  • Have an interest in Social Change and Inner Transformation.
  • Have a practice of inner transformation like meditation, yoga…
  • Being open to serendipity, traveling light, emergence…
  • Wanting to step up your service journey.

None of this is a requisite, but we understand if you resonate with those, journey will make more sense to you, although we believe the design of the journey is all-inclusive. 🙂


  • VISA: To travel to India you usually need a Visa expeeded by the Indian Embassy (or subcontracted company). For this journey easiest option will be tourist visa. There are two options, 1 year tourist visa or 1 month tourist visa. Choose the one that suits your trip best.
  • We will meet in Ahmedabad 27th February and end the collective journey in Auroville around 15th March.
  • If you would like to collaborate with local NGO’s after the journey you can always contact them beforehand in the websites shared :). Let us know if you have any particular inquiry.


  • Each participant will cover their own travel and food expenses. For accomodation, we are offered stay in noble friend’s homes and projects where we will invite you to contribute financially within the gift economy paradigm. In other words, you will be able to express gratitude at the end of your stay with whatever quantity you feel called to :). The accommodation is a gift, and you are free to decide how you want to keep such gifts going. Those donations will go enterly to our local hosts.
  • If you want to support people with less financial capacity that might want to enjoy this journey, you can talk to us. Also, if you feel money is a limitation for you talk to us as well :).


The journey is offered in the spirit of gift by the volunteers and local anchors who will host you and facilitate your journey. The volunteers prepare the overall itinerary, connect you with local love warriors, organize your accommodation, and plan the events you will be part of.

While volunteers offer all their contacts, experience and time, the intention is to hold space for co-creation and emergence as well, to include all voices in the mix, whilst considering volunteer’s experience and local context. We hope we can navigate this balance with love and skillfulness! :).


If you want to come with us, please, apply in this link .

For questions, suggestions or else, please contact us at:

Joserra@servicespace.org / +34 646331870




“Unless you have room for serendipity, how can the divine enter in? The beginning of the adventure of finding yourself is to lose your way!”   Joseph Campbell

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